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The History Behind Eddie The Fabulous

Eddie was born, February 7th in Yemen, the youngest son of John and Ella Izzard and giving Mark a little brother.

A year after his fantabulous birth the family moved to Bangor in Northern Ireland, in 1967 they were on the move again. This time they ended up in Skewen, in South Wales. Very sadly, a year after they had moved there, in 1968, Eddie's mother died of cancer. Soon after, Eddie and Mark were enrolled in boarding school They stayed there for a year after their mother’s death, but then moved to Bexhill, where they were again enrolled in boarding school.
While at school Eddie developed an interest in acting , although he was very often in the band (he played clarinet) rather than the cast.

Before starting his comedy career, Eddie wanted to be in the army. He also took a degree in Accountancy and Financial Management with Mathematics at Sheffield University. He never reached the end of this degree.

Eddie started his career as a street performer in Covent Garden and a stand up on the London comedy circuit. In 1991 he was nominated for a Pierre Award at the Edinburgh Festival and a Time Out Award.

In 1993 Eddie reached the West End, 13 weeks at the Ambassadors theatre, for this he got an Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement. He then played at the Montreal Festival for a week, he sold out a 400 seat theatre. He retuned to Britain on his UK tour, after which he took the show back to the West End. December 1993 saw the release of Eddie’s first video.

1994 saw Eddie starring as the lead role in the David Marnet play " The Cryptogram ". This opened up doors for Eddie. After " The Cryptogram " Eddie was offered one of the leading roles in " 900 Oneonta ". Then, in May 1995, he went on to play Edward II.

Eddie started his second tour in spring 1995, This tour coincided with the release of Eddie's video " Unrepeatable " recorded at the Albery theatre.

Eddie's third show, " Definite Article " , kicked off at Bexhill-on-Sea in the winter of 1995. This was the first of Eddie's tours, which went to Paris and once there were performed entirely in the French language.

" Definite Article " was followed by " Glorious " and then in 1998, " Dress to Kill ". " Dress to Kill " was the first tour which Eddie took to America – it went down a storm and earned Eddie to Emmy Awards. Between " Glorious " and " Dress to Kill ", Eddie appeared in a Monty Python Special " Live in Aspen ".

As well as his shows and numerous television appearances Eddie has starred in a few movies, see the filmography page for a list of these.